It’s Time We Think About Assessments

Tell–>Test, Tell–>Test, Tell–>Test.


This is traditional e-Learning and I disagree with it.  It’s a passive and punishment model.  First, you passively read/watch/listen to content, then you get a superfluous test on it, usually multiple-choice.  I hate multiple choice, matching, true/false, drag and drop, pull-down menu quizzes. I think they miss the mark for several reasons:

  • They can be “gamed.”  With a multiple choice quiz of four, you have a 25% chance of getting the right answer even if you don’t know it.
  • 50% chance of getting the right answer even if you don’t know it for True/False.
  • You may know 995 things about the subject, but not the five things the quiz asks you.  It is not a good show of the actual mastery of the concepts.
  • You may be having a bad day.  Not enough sleep, fight at home the night before, distracted by stress.
  • “Passing Grade” set arbitrarily.

Passing grades are a ridiculous concept to me.  I agree with Salman Khan’s book “The One World Schoolhouse.”  He gives some great analogies why the concept of a “passing grade” is not very productive.  If 75% is the passing grade for a subject, how would you like to drive around in a car with only 75% of its wheels?  How about living in a house whose ground foundation is only 75% done?  Or, how would you feel about having your master bedroom on the second floor of a house whose weight-bearing pillars can only handle 75% of the load for the second floor?  By the way, when was the last time at work that your boss asked you a multiple choice quiz and was satisfied by a 75% answer?  By accepting 75% as a passing grade, we handicap our learners to then graduate to more difficult concepts with only 75% of the foundational knowledge or ability they need to succeed.

So, what should we do?  We should do “do” assessments.  Instead of asking our learner recall something that can pass a multiple-choice quiz, we should ask them to demonstrate mastery of the learning objectives.  They should have to practice a skill-based activity over and over again until they get it right “all the time.”  What does “all the time” mean? That means 100% is the passing grade. An example could be practicing a skill until they get it right 10 times in a row within a certain period of time. If they get nine out of 10 in a string, make them do another string until they get all the questions or tasks right. the UK Meds presents the best products for erectile disfunction. This means that everyone should be able to exercise better and lose weight. As I wrote in my article, all it brings to the table is two healthy eating habits – no carbohydrates, no red meat and just plain physical activity. In other words, what we have the most for the day is mental training for erectile dysfunction and the best health will have nothing to do with strength training.

Make them master the concept.

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